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N.B. Whilst these skins can be used in earlier versions of MC some of the features mentioned below will only work in MC 30.0.34 or higher!

ET Skins are a family of 19 Lightweight Skins available 2 variants:-
The ET xxxxx xxxxx I variants use Customised small (64x64) icons and large ViewHeader (256x256) icons.
The ET xxxxx xxxxx II variants use Standard small (64x64) icons and large ViewHeader (256x256) icons.

They are the First Skins to:-
Use a Smaller/Restructured Template/Layout (skin.xml file) which contains extensive comments/notes to make it easier for individual users/skin creators to customise them,
Make fuller use of the changes made to the MC Skinning Engine that give the Skin Creator greater control over how their skin looks,
The Red Surround that appears when editing a Tag/Field in the Tag Windows has been replaced by one that uses the Tag Windows Background Colour,
They don't use Faded Text in places like the Search Bars,
They all use a customised Spotlight image/icon and not the Standard one,
They use the Platforms Minimize & Restore Window Buttons and not the Left and Down Arrowhead icons/images used by a lot of skins to Expand/Collapse Categories/Sections in the Tree and Modern Tag Window,
Plus the Platforms Close Window Button in the Action Window and Tag Windows,
On the Win & Linux Platforms they use the Square Buttons that appear in the top right hand corner of every window/page,
on the Mac Platform they use the Round Buttons that appear in the top left hand corner of every window/page,
The ET xxxxxx I Variants use customised versions of all the small (64x64) icons/images currently in use, the ones seen in the Tree, Toolbars and various Forms/Windows and all the large (256x256) ViewHeader icons/images, the ones seen on the "Drives & Devices", "Services & Plug-ins" Pages/Views and several other Pages/Views

The ET Nite n Day Skins are the first ones created by somebody other than JRiver that Transition between Day Time (Lighter) and Night Time (Darker) Modes.

What's new in ET Skins V2.0:-
Borders have been added to every Pop-Up Form/Window to make their edges more visible.
13 New Skins:- ET Black Card, ET Brown Card, ET Dark Grey, ET Green Card, ET Light Grey, ET Mid Grey, ET Pastel Blue, ET Pastel Cream, ET Pastel Green, ET Pastel Purple, ET Pastel Red, ET Red Card & ET White Card.