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1st November 2023 -
ET Skins V2.0 & ET TrackInfo Plugins V4.0 are now available
A "What's New in ET Skins V2.0" section has been added to the bottom of the right-hand panel on the ET Standard View Skins Page
The name of the "What's new in V3.0" Accordion Panel on the ET TrackInfo Plugins Page has been changed to "What's new in V4.0" and it now lists the changes introduced in V4.0 and V3.0
A new Accordion Panel "The Trackinfo Plugin Structure" has been added to the ET TrackInfo Plugins Page

5th February 2023 -
A New Skin "ET Platinum Jubilee" and it's TrackInfo Plugins are now available.
TrackInfo Plugins for all of Marko's - Arctic Winter, Black and Blue, iCopy 9, Knit-Knots, Seamless and The Fly Skins are now available

8th January 2023 -
Thanks to some help from Zybex I am no longer having to put *.mjp files inside a zip file so that they could be downloaded.
Matt made some changes to the MC Package Installer in MC30.0.47 - It can now use a Single *.mjp file to Install every Skin and/or TrackInfo Plugin in a Bundle
Read the "Files available for Download" panel for more information

This website is subject to the Laws of Camelot, anyone found stealing, or performing magic, will be thrown in the castle dungeons until King Arthur decides it is time for them to lose their lives.
Welcome to Camelot the home of EnglishTiger's Innovative TrackInfo Plugins and Standard View Skins for JRiver Media Center.
As someone who spent most of their working life Designing, Specifying and Programming/Scripting numerous Software Packages, I've always strived to be Innovative.
Why follow an Existing Trend when you can become a Trendsetter?

Over the years some of the ways MediaCenter presents data, mainly tag/field content (metadata), to the user I've come to Love and unfortunately some I've come to Hate:-
I've always liked the way the Tag Windows gives the user easy access to the Database/File Tags and Fields but came to find that only being able to access them in Standard View too restrictive.
One of the things I came to hate was the total lack of TrackInfo Plugins that presented Classical Music Fans with the Additional Data/Information required to identify the Track they were listening to.
I've hated the inconsistent way MediaCenter presents Lyrics from the day it was introduced.

It didn't take me long to work out that the best way of overcoming those dislikes/restrictions would be to Design and Code my own TrackInfo Plugins that:-
Made the fullest possible use of the Display Panel.
Presented the user with more data/information than any other available plugin,
Presented the Lyrics in a better and more consistent way,
Gave the user the ability to view a Tag Window Look-Alike in Standard, Cover, Display and Theater View,
Satisfied the requirements of Classical and Non-Classical Music Fans,
Had to be as Light/Small/Efficient as possible to prevent Load and Page Change times having a detrimental effect on the Users Experience,
Be responsive/flexible so that every part of every page could automatically adjust to the multitude of the different sized Display Panels available in Standard, Cover, Display and Theater View,
The Tag Window Look-Alike, and every where else tags were displayed, had to display the full tag/field name and all of its content,
Unlike most existing plugins the Design had to be flexible enough to allow individual variants of the plugins use the same colour scheme as the Skin it is being used with,
The files the plugins use had to be User Friendly to make it easier for individual users to customise them.

Since MediaCenter is constantly evolving so have my TrackInfo Plugins.
The 1st version only had 1 way of displaying Lyrics and the Tags page only displayed the Modern Tag Window,
There were separate Plugins for Classical and Non-Classical Music.

V2.0 saw the introduction of the user being allowed to choose between 4 ways of presenting Lyrics,
The introduction of the "Ultimate" variant with it's ability to Automatically Switch between Classical and Non-Classical Display Modes.

V2.1 introduced a change to the Tags menu/page - Allowing the user to choose between viewing all the tags/fields or just those with values for The Modern Tag Window or the Legacy Tag Window,
The second member of the "Ultimate" variant, ET xxxx Ultimate II, was added with "Lyrics" and not "Track + Album Info" as the 1st entry on the MenuBar and "Lyrics in 2 Columns..." as the default 1st page opened.

V3.0 saw the introduction of an additional DropDown Menu - "Search for..." with options to look-up:- Info about Artist on Wiki, Info about Album on Wiki, Info about Track on Wiki, Album Art on Google and Artist Images on Google.
An option to "Lookup Lyrics on Google" was added to the Lyrics DropDown Menu
The "Lookup Lyrics" option and the options on the "Search for ...." Dropdown Menu all open a New Browser-Engine Page outside of MC
The Refresh button/option was removed from the Menubar and replaced by clicking on the CoverArt, displayed below the Menubar on every page, to reload/refresh the page.
Since the Ultimate I & II variants automatically switch between Classical and Non-Classical display modes the ET xxxxx TrackInfo, ET xxxxx Classical TrackInfo and ET xxxx Lyrics variants were discontinued.
The Plugin Names were changed to that of the Skin they were to be used with.

V4.0 saw the introduction of a new Lyrics Only variant - ET xxxx Ultimate III - with 2 Options/Entries on the TI MenuBar - The "Lyrics" and "Search For..." DropDown Menus.
Plus the Lyrics in all variants were switched from being Left Aligned to Center Aligned.
For a full list of changes introduced in V3.0 and V4.0 see the "What's New in V4.0" Accordion Panel on the ET TrackInfo Plugins Page.

I've also been Innovative with my Skins:-
The Arrowheads and Bars on the Previous, Play/Resume and Next Buttons are Blue.
The Bars on the Pause Button are Red.
The White Square inside a Red Square used on the Stop Button I borrowed from the MC Stop after Current File icon/image.
The Image on the Volume Mute Button is Orange when its Off and Red when its On.
The Images on the Repeat and Shuffle Buttons are Red when they are Off and Blue when they are On.
The DSP Button uses a Blue Cog-Wheel on the Button Background Colour for the Skin being used,
But The DSP Direct Button uses a Skin Text Colour Cog-Wheel on a Blue Background to make the difference between the 2 states more obvious
Files available for Download - Updated 8th January 2023

On every page that allows you to Download a Skin or TrackInfo Plugin you will see a list of options/buttons in the Left Panel that allow you to download the Skins, Plugins and Bundles on that page as *.mjp or *.zip files.

The options/buttons are arranged in 4 sections to allow the user to download:-
Individual TrackInfo Plugins or Skins as a MC Version Independent *.mjp file,
Individual Bundle(s) for MC30.0.47 or Higher as a single *.mjp file,
Individual Bundle(s) for Earlier Versions of MC as a set of *.mjp files inside a single *.zip file.
Individual TrackInfo Plugins, Skins or Bundles as a MC Version Independent *.zip file

*.mjp files are used as Triggers for the MC Package Installer
Once they are downloaded you simply Run/Open them to install the relevant Skin, TrackInfo Plugin or Bundle.

*.zip files are Compressed Folders/Files that have to be Extracted/Unpacked to make them usable
Once they are downloaded you have to Extract/Unpack the Folders/Files they contain.

*.zip files are mainly used when the user wants/has to install a Skin or TrackInfo Plugin Manually,
or by Users who want to Modify/Customise the Skin/Plugin before installing it,
or by Users who have Modified/Customised a Previous Version and want to make those changes to the new version before installing it.

To Manually Install a Standard View Skin or TrackInfo Plugin you copy the folder containing the files for the Skin or TrackInfo Plugin to the :-
J River/Media Center nn/Skins/Standard View Folder (for Skins)
J River/Media Center nn/Visulisations/Track Info Folder (for TrackInfo Plugins)
where nn is the Version# of the copy of MC you have installed.

What are Bundles and why are they listed in both the "Bundle(s) for MC30.0.47 or Higher" and "Bundle(s) for Earlier Versions of MC" sections?
Every ET Skin and TrackInfo Plugin has at least 2 Variants and Bundles are combinations of Skin Variants, Plugin Variants and Skin + Plugin Variants in a Single Downloadable File.

Prior to MC30.0.47 the MC Package Installer could only Install one Skin or Plugin each time it is run/used.

The ones in the "Bundle(s) for MC30.0.47 or Higher" section are for use with MC30.0.47 or Higher; they download a Single *.mjp file which when run will install every Skin and/or Plugin in the Bundle,

The ones in the "Bundle(s) for Earlier Versions of MC" are for use with earlier versions of MC, they download a *.zip file that contains 1 *.mjp file for every Skin and/or Plugin, in the Bundle.
Unpacking that file will result in the Individual *.mjp files being placed in the same folder and you have to open/run all of them, one by one, to install every Skin and/or Plugin in the Bundle.
All the software (TrackInfo Plugins and Standard View Skins) on this site is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.
In no event shall the contributors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings with the software.

Anyone with sufficient knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript (TrackInfo Plugins) and or XML (Skins) is allowed to modify/change any ET Software they have Downloaded Provided that:-
The Original Copyright Notice is retained,
The ET Prefix is removed from the Software's Name,
However, they are only allowed to Distribute any Modified Versions/Variants after having provided me with a copy of that Software for Approval and Obtained Written Permission from Me.

This collection of TrackInfo Plugins and Standard View Skins only exists thanks to some important help/contributions from the following:-
Jim Hillegass (JimH) - who gave permission for the "MC Logo" and "JRiver Media Center" phrase/name to be used on this site,
Matt Ashland (Matt) - for the necessary changes made to the Media Center Software, especially the Skinning Engine, that has made it all possible,
Robert Brose (Bob) - for testing the Plugins and Skins on the Linux platform and helping me to understand/overcome some of the Mac platforms peculiarities,
Wer - for his help/contributions that made it possible for me to develop the 1st TrackInfo Plugins better suited for use with Classical Music,
HPBME - for his help/contributions that made it possible for me to create TrackInfo Plugins for use with his "Dream in Blue" Skin,
Marko - for his help/contributions that made it possible for me to create TrackInfo Plugins for all his Arctic Winter, Black and Blue, iCopy 9, Knit-Knots, Seamless and The Fly Skins
Zybex - for his help in making it possible to Download the MJP Files the PackageInstaller Uses
My Grand-Daughter - for her countless ideas, suggestions and hours spent testing this little lot.
© 2022-2024, EnglishTiger.